SECOND FLOOR STEREO is a Nashville pop/punk band made up of Brantley Pollock (vocals/guitar), Erich Sandersfeld (drummer/producer), and Nick Schmutte (vocals/guitar). Erich and Brantley came together in 2015, with Nick joining shortly after.  The trio came together over their mutual love of “pop/punk”, fusing elements of punk rock and pop music, combining uptempo arrangements with driving electric guitar hooks and catchy, pop-driven choruses and is quickly gaining fans.

Pollock, who has spent the better part of the last decade acting in various television roles, appreciates the importance of doing what you love. “Not only is Second Floor Stereo one of the most fun projects I've ever done, it also allows us to make music the way we want to.” For Sandersfeld, the key is good songs. “I want to write really good songs as a band that sound incredible and also connect well with people in a live setting.”

It’s not hard to see that Second Floor Stereo is having the time of their lives making music that its founders love. “It allows us to make music the way we want to. There is no creative leash, there isn't a third-party vision that we're having to adapt to. It's awesome.” says the trio. “I told people in my home town that I was going to move to Nashville and play drums in a punk band, and was kind of joking, but it’s happening so that’s cool I guess." Sandersfeld says with a chuckle, "My goal is to be successful enough as a band so I can quit my job at Starbucks.”

We always loved the Punk Goes Pop albums...

... so we thought we'd give it a shot ourselves.

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